Testimonials are indeed a very powerful aid in providing reassurance to anyone who may be caught in two minds.  Below are two recent testimonials regarding VAT refunds on Care Homes.

Take advantage of the feedback from the people who have already gone through the Kingscrest process and hear first hand how simple and easy it is to make your claim.


“A close friend with several Care Homes recommended I should also enquire as to whether we were suitable for the VAT claim. The team explained all about Kingscrest and how it could benefit our business. They had a different approach to others who had contacted us, probably because they are VAT specialists with many years of experience in the care sector. Their staff were extremely professional working discreetly in managing the whole claim and after the initial meeting kept us informed all the way through until repayment was in our bank. They really are the people to speak to about your potential VAT claim.”

Dr Saxena (S&S Healthcare Limited)


“As a group with a dozen Care Homes we are constantly receiving calls and mailings from firms claiming to be able to get VAT back for us. I was finally persuaded, by a fellow Care Home operator, who had done a claim successfully. Because I was assured that the process wouldn’t cost me a penny until I had recovered the VAT, I agreed to do this on one Home initially. I was so impressed with the result both
in the way the process worked and with the value of the claim, that I had no hesitation in agreeing to have the rest of my Homes reviewed. This has brought about significant benefits to the group. I can see now why they have handled a large number of claims and I recommend speaking with them about a VAT claim for your home.”

John Hill (Heathcotes Limited and Hillcare Limited)