10/12/09 – HMRC Rank MCB Update

HMRC announces that they now accept that the judgement applies more widely to other forms of bingo played under the same sections of the gaming act.  Businesses are now invited to submit claims to HMRC.

05/11/09 – Care Home Group reclaims £1M
Care Home Group South Yorkshire reclaims £1M in Kingscrest Claim. The group has been established for 14 years and made claims on 4 of their homes.  The owner stated “He was delighted with the result and was amazed at how easy it was”.

31/10/09 – Retailer signs a deal in Derbyshire for retrospective capital allowances.
The retailer recently purchased their building and is able to make claims on capital allowances for future years.

15/10/09 – Care Home Group in Hertfordshire signs a deal to reclaim overpaid Vat.
The MD stated “I thought I could not claim, I run Nursing Homes!”, This is not true we can make claims for Nursing Homes as well as Residential Homes.

02/10/09 – South Yorkshire Care Home Owner claims £250K in retrospective capital allowance claim.
Owner stated “why does the revenue not tell us about these schemes”. Thats why we are here to guide organisations through the labyrinth of opportunities.

14/09/09 – Care Home Owner in Yorkshire claims £35K on overpaid VAT.
Care Home Owner Yorkshire claims £35K on overpaid VAT, Owner stated “I thought I would not have the records and then was pursuaded that I did’t need all of them, I was delighted with the outcome”