As expected, today’s budget announcements DID NOT translate as a big thank you to the tax payer for helping bail out the economy last year, and instead proceeded to hit the average man on the street right where it hurts.  Perhaps the most painful increase being on petrol, are we going to see prices rise to the scary heights of £1.20 per litre and above once again?

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With the economy in the state that it is right now, it is comforting to know their are company’s such as Salmon Business Group who are constantly educating businesses as to the many ways in which they can reduce operating costs and in many cases recover taxes and take advantage of VAT refund schemes.

One of the most valuable and least exploited methods is in the form of Capital Allowances, in which business and property owners’ can reduce there income tax or corporation tax liabilities. Capital Allowances arise from capital expenditure on:- Purchasing or Constructing a new property along with Extensions and Refurbishments.

Other schemes include VAT recovery schemes for:

  • Care Home Owners
  • House Builders and Developers
  • Leisure and Gambling operators
  • plus many other opportunities where businesses can rightfully recover wrongly or overpaid taxes

For full details of how you may be eligible to take advantage of these tax recovery schemes, please visit us at or call us direct on 01246 293011

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