Assisting Day Care Nursery Owners in Reclaiming and Reducing Their Taxes

If every nursery owner has a different idea of what their ultimate “Wish List” would look like (a list of educational equipment and safety features they would like to incorporate within their business), then they all certainly have the exact same obstacles in acquiring their list – this being the  NECESSARY FUNDS to pay for them!


The plain and simple fact is that the vast majority of day nursery owners do have access to £1000’s in the form of a tax rebate from years of overpaid taxes.


The process of reclaiming your over paid taxes is available in the form of a Capital Allowance claim.  Capital Allowances have been created by the government and allows business owners the ability to offset taxable profits against the purchase of capital assets for your business, and a tax payers right to claim.  Providing you have paid tax on any profits you made within the last 2 years, then you will be entitled to make a retrospective capital allowance claim and receive a lump sum in the form of a tax rebate.  Also by making your capital allowance claim you will also automatically begin to reduce the amount of tax you pay in future years.

The result of your capital allowance claim will allow you to purchase your “WISH LIST”

Capital Allowances are somewhat of a specialised area, and in order to fully maximise your potential claim you are advised to seek specialised help and advice.

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