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Become a Referral Agent for Capital Allowances

Become a Referral Agent for Capital Allowances


A good accountant will openly admit that they don’t know everything about the vast intricacies of tax and VAT – A smart accountant will seek out the knowledge of those that do!

In order to fulfill all requests of a client every accountant from time to time will often seek out specialist help and advice. At Salmon Business, we offer a referral program where accountants can introduce their clients to our tax and VAT specialists safe in the knowledge that their clients will receive the most tax efficient information whilst at the same time receive a referral fee. This then allows accountants to concentrate on the elements they are more adept and qualified to working on.

For further details on how to become a referral agent for Salmon Business Group please call us anytime.

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The UK taxation system is over-complicated

The UK taxation system is over-complicated

The UK taxation system is over-complicated, the government says

The “spaghetti bowl” of UK tax law is to be simplified to cut the burden on business and attract foreign investment, George Osborne has said.

The chancellor is setting up an Office for Tax Simplification to streamline the 11,000 page tax code.

He said Britain had “one of the most complex and opaque tax codes in the world”.

And he wanted a “permanent body to push against the forces of complication” and make life easier for firms.

Announcing the new body, Mr Osborne said his “dream” was “that people might actually understand the tax laws with which they were being asked to comply with”.

The new body will initially conduct two reviews – streamlining 400 tax reliefs, allowances and exemptions and simplifying the tax system for small businesses, including a simpler alternative to the controversial IR35 code.

It will advise ministers where the tax system is too complex but it will not look at tax credits, which Mr Osborne said he considered part of the benefits system.

‘Economic boost’

The chairman of the new body will be former Conservative MP and Treasury minister Michael Jack and its director will be John Whiting, formerly of PricewaterhouseCoopers, who is tax director at the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Neither will be paid.

The government says the tax system became a “hindrance” to business under Labour and that by simplifying it and making it more competitive for small firms, it will stimulate economic growth.

In a speech, Treasury minister David Gauke said: “The tax system created by the previous government was overly complex and has made the tax affairs of millions of families and businesses across the UK extremely complicated.

“We need to reduce the complexities in our tax system and the coalition is committed to delivering that goal.

“The Office for Tax Simplification will provide important advice that will help inform us in making the right reforms to the tax system that will help to pave the way to bringing more international business to the UK, which will give our economy the boost it so urgently needs in the years ahead.”

The OTS’s remit covers UK taxes and duties administered by HM Revenue and Customs, but it will not deal with tax credits or taxes administered by other bodies nor will it have any influence on setting tax rates.

In his first Budget last month, George Osborne set out plans to reduce the headline rate of corporation tax by 28% to 24% over four years in an effort to show Britain was “open for business”.

But this will be partly paid for by cuts in capital allowances, which provide tax breaks to firms investing substantially in operational assets such as machinery. Critics say this will penalise small and medium-sized manufacturing firms.

In May the government set up the Office for Budget Responsibility, to provide the government with independent forecasts of UK economic growth and public deficits.

Just another instance of a Government giving with one hand, only to take back with the other!

The government will start to reduce levels of Capital Allowance rates as of April 2012, all Commercial property owners are now urged to make their Capital Allowance claims now in order to fully maximise their tax allowances, and lock in future tax liabilities after April 2012.

Capital Allowances are somewhat of a specialised area, and in order to fully maximise your potential claim you are advised to seek specialised help and advice.

To arrange an informal meeting with one of our Capital Allowance specialists, please call us today on: 01246 293011, alternatively email

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In our ongoing quest to provide as much information as possible on Tax savings and VAT recovery schemes we have available.  Salmon have now launched a new blog area as an extension to our RSS News Feeds and Twitter updates.

Please feel free to use and share our news with anyone you feel might benefit from this information – and remember all our services are based around our NO CLAIM – NO FEE promise.

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