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Capital Allowances for Day Nursery owners

Capital Allowances for Day Nursery owners

Are you claiming your full allocation of Capital Allowances?

The benefits of Capital Allowances for Day Nurseries and Private Schools are very substantial and very straight forward to claim.

The results of making a Capital Allowance claim on your Day Nursery or Private School will vastly reduce the amount of tax you pay on any profits you post in future years. In the majority of cases providing you have made a profit in the previous 2 years, a Day Nursery or Private School will receive a lump sum of any overpaid taxes they have made.
The result of a Capital Allowance will allow you to invest back into the business, enabling you to purchase items such as:

  • New Equipment and Apparatus
  • New Security Systems
  • Safe Outdoor Playing Areas
  • Building Extensions continue reading…
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