The Tory Manifesto is about to close the Capital Allowances for Embedded Fixtures and Integral Features.

These refunds will be reduced greatly as the tax system is being simplified and complex claims are going to be abolished.

The reference says the Conservatives aim to cut the headline rate of corporation tax to 25p and small company rate to 20p funded by reducing complex tax relief’s and allowances. –see second point on their priority list!

The opinion in the accountancy profession and of some financial guru’s is the Tories will attack capital allowances so I would strongly suggest clients act now or they will regret not doing so, this door will be closed in 2 years.

Salmon Tax Adjusters are the most competitive in the market, work on no win no fee basis, and the fee is not payable until the refund is in place – so you really have nothing to lose! Act now and get the Capital Allowances you are legally entitled to!

Whichever government was elected to lead us over the next term, cut backs were expected to hit business hard, and with Capital Allowances being amongst the most valuable methods of reducing property owners’ income tax or corporation tax liabilities. The Conservatives have stated in their manifesto that they are seeking to target this tax advantage.

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